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Healing with whole foods

Is healing with whole foods possible?  Absolutely, it is not only possible to heal yourself with whole foods but sensible.  In this day and age, with the cocktails of drugs, over the counter, over prescription and mis-prescription, toxins and pollutants, tampering with foods to make highly artificial substances and stressed lifestyle and the array of prescription medication, over the counter drugs, over prescription and pill popping it has become essential.  Your body needs all the help it can get and whole foods are simply: what it understands and what it needs to sustain life.

More and more research is surfacing to provide evidence for healing a multitude of diseases and ailments and restoring health using what once were believed to be “old wives tales”.  It appears Granny did know best with her “apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”

Around the globe there are many experts who have been advocating these truths.  In Australia nutritionist, Cindi O’Meara shares her stories of having NEVER had an antibiotic nor been vaccinated and continues to raise her family in the same way.  She swears by the power of eating good wholesome foods.  The Institute of Optimum Nutrition’s Professor Patrick Holford’s learnings from Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling has shed much light on the power of nutrition in healing.  Holford released his controversial book “Food is Better Medicine than Drugs” in 2006 along with Jerome Burne, an award winning medical journalist.  The book shares a great number of published journals which acknowledge the role and power of foods and nutrients in both disease prevention and healing.

Probably one of the most interesting advocates for healing through whole foods though would have to be Don Tolman.  Don Tolman’s passion for food and his exceptional research and knowledge about ancient philosophies, principles and teachings continue to give many people hope.  Amongst his most popular teachings are the food signatures, where Don displays a harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables and continues to explain an ancient philosophy of healing principles of food.  He points out the concentric circles of a carrot and mirrors them to the concentric circles in the eye.  By now it is common knowledge that carrots (because of the betacarotene explain the science journals) are good for your eyes.  Walnuts look like the brain, nuts are good for the brain.  Tomatoes, capsicum have four chambers, the heart has four chambers, tomatoes are good for the heart. (Research confirms the Mediterranean diet and nutrients like lycopene, and vitamin are powerful antioxidants, heart protective and cancer protective.)  Oranges resemble mammalian tissue, research has found the protective benefits of vitamin C and fresh fruit against cancer.

Don’s success with healing with whole foods has earned him a loyal following and he continues to change people’s lives with his wisdom and evangelism.

Even without the “scientific research” like that coming out of the New England Journal or John Hopkins University or Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Research with findings like broccolis ability to “fight” certain mycotoxins (cancer causing moulds), the role of oily fish in IQ, behavioural problems and depression, the consequences of deficiencies, individual case studies continue to “prove” the possibility to heal using whole foods.  My own health journey has been confirmation enough for me, having experienced first hand the power of changing my eating habits to incorporate a diet that is made up of at least 80% of food most closely resembling its natural form.  My ailments including IBS, polycystic ovaries, acne, constant colds and flus, eczema, asthma and low energy levels are now memories.

There are a number of ways you can investigate healing with whole foods.  I chose to do Don Tolman’s Course.  You can find out more information here.